Our Projects

2018 Community Visioning

Growth and development unfolding all around us on a daily basis continues to change our once rural community into a sprawling, traffic-choked suburb. With Spartanburg County’s Area Performance Planning for our area on the horizon, now is the time for our community to have a constructive dialogue about a course correction. With broad community support, we can chart a course for Boiling Springs to be a vibrant, connected, and healthy community, one that is second to none in the Upstate and that leaves a lasting legacy of health and wellness to those that follow us.

Through generous funding and in-kind contributions provided by community partners, Heart of Boiling Springs is working in partnership with Toole Design Group to facilitate a community-wide visioning process for Boiling Springs. Elements of the process include stakeholder interviews with community leaders March 19-21, a Discovery Workshop on Thurs., Mar. 22, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm, and a Validation Workshop on Thurs., April 26, 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm. Boiling Springs First Baptist Church was the venue for the March workshop. New Beginnings United Methodist Church is hosting the April workshop. Through a partnership with Spartanburg County, the guiding principles developed during this community visioning process will inform Area Performance Planning, anticipated for our region of the county in the coming year or so.

The Discovery Workshop will provide an overview of the visioning process and background on Spartanburg County’s Area Performance Planning— including its relationship to the community visioning process. Toole Design Group will engage participants regarding transportation, built environment, and best practices in community design; discuss goals, objectives, opportunities, and issues; and solicit feedback, input, and ideas. Interactive opportunities will encourage participants to take an active role and may include one-word exercises, visual preference surveys, interactive polling, priority spectrum exercise, “spend my money here” activity, a mapping exercise, and written comment forms. Following completion of stakeholder interviews and the Discovery Workshop, Toole Design Group will utilize the input received and data collected to develop guiding principles that speak to Boiling Springs’ core values for transportation, built environment, community design, and overall quality of life. These principles will be used to outline a set of general design preferences for the Boiling Springs community. Portions of SC Hwy 9 and/or one or more properties along Hwy 9 will be used to illustrate the intent of the design preferences. During the Validation Workshop on April 26, Toole Design Group will present and verify these guiding principles and vet the design preferences. Opportunities will be provided for public comment through questions, answers, and public discussion and feedback during this event.

Change in Venue

The April meeting will be at:
New Beginnings United Methodist Church
210 Rainbow Lake Road
6:00 pm to 7:30 pm


In a final written report, Toole Design Group will summarize the visioning process undertaken, the community design preferences, and how the visioning products can work within the framework of Spartanburg County’s Area Performance Planning process. Recommendations for next steps by the community will be included and Toole Design Group will coordinate with Upstate Forever for the presentation of the final report to Heart of Boiling Springs and Spartanburg County leadership.

Spartanburg County’s Letter of Support helped us secure funding from the Mary Black Foundation for community visioning.

Spartanburg County is strongly committed to planning for future growth as evidenced by our support and participation in a variety of public outreach initiatives across the region. This project also reflects our goal to be a partner in community wellness. We stand ready to work with Upstate Forever and the Building a Healthy Boiling Springs Cohort, an expanding group of community leaders representing diverse sectors that influence health in the Boiling Springs area and who have expressed a commitment to move the community toward a built environment that supports active living in everyday life routines.